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Directory Listings

Please ensure the content of listings and advertisements you add to the Business Directory are legal, decent, honest and truthful. They must also be relevant to the generation of local trade and creation of awareness of local services in and around Cheddar – not links to search engines, voucher code sites, link farms and similar places. The webmaster reserves the right to refuse, amend or remove any listing for reasons of content, length, spelling, infringement of copyrights, etc.

Link Removal

All links on this site were added in good faith as being relevant to the site’s audience, and other than obvious advertisements and paid listings, none of the links in the main page content are paid for. If however this site is showing up on some spurious SEO report as being a harmful link source for your business or for the client of your SEO business, links will be removed on request. As this is a non-profit community site, cost management is important so a charge is made of £20 which is payable to the webmaster via Paypal. For our site visitors’ information we reserve the right to replace the link with a statement about why the link has disappeared. Please allow 7 days for links to be removed.