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Costs of hosting, licensing, hardware, maintenance and site security continue to increase, so to further maintain and develop this site it needs the support of local organisations and businesses.

Free lineage listings are available for BS27 businesses in the Business Directory if renewed every few weeks. Alternatively these can be paid for and set to run for 3, 6 or 12 months – more details on the Directory page.

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Due to lack of demand these are now only showing Google Adwords based advertisements.

Site traffic

If you log in to Statcounter with username cheddarvillage and password cheddar you can get an idea of current popular pages).

Advertisers may like to be assured that there is no media corporation behind this “hyperlocal” site, and unlike many other local publications it’s not part of any network of news web sites or newspapers, and has no particular political affiliations associated with it. It’s independent and run by a small business based in the village, providing a valuable news and information service for local residents, visitors and businesses.


Payments are made via the Paypal and  card payment options within the business directory itself, which will also send out renewal reminders.