About this site

In 2004, Cheddar had a number of web sites associated with local councils, tourist attractions and businesses, but this community site was established to pull together all the various strands of local interest both for visitors and residents. Previous village sites had not been properly maintained and left our internationally-known village with a web site that was of little use to anybody, full of outdated information and broken links.

Also, other Cheddar related domain names were being registered by out-of-area companies with their own agendas and a view to occupying this gap in the internet, which was seen as a situation difficult to overcome if such sites became established in search results. So this site was set up by a local web professional and over time many new features have been added.

Since local funding cutbacks in 2010 caused the loss of Cheddar’s Tourist Information Centre, this site became even more essential in providing a place for people to find out about local amenities and attractions.

The site does take a lot of money and effort to keep running. The operation is paid for through advertising and affiliate links, and the webmaster also works with several local voluntary groups such as those supporting the Library and local traders, to keep up to date with developments in the village.

The general aim for the site is to be an independent source of support for local residents and businesses in the BS27 area, providing information, promoting events and listing businesses in this area free of charge. Paid options are available for relevant national brands, out-of-area businesses or anyone who wants more visibility – yet the site will not be allowed to be as dominated by advertising as those (for example) in the localpeople.co.uk network.

If you have an idea for improving the site, and also if you run (or would like to run) a similar site elsewhere in the UK and would like to compare notes, please contact the webmaster using the contact form.